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Check Benefits & Eligibility

Verify benefits eligibility information electronically

Electronic eligibility and benefits information is available at any time, for all our dental plans.

Where can I go to look up benefits and eligibility?

You can check benefits and eligibility by:

  • Using Aetna Voice Advantage® (AVA), our interactive telephone self-service system
  • Registering with or logging in to your secure site
  • Using an electronic transactions vendor

See benefits and eligibility instructions for AVA
 Log in or register
See a list of electronic transactions vendor

What do I need to submit an inquiry?

The information you’ll need depends on the method you use to submit an inquiry.

If you’re using AVA, you’ll need:

  • Provider TIN or NPI
  • Patient ID or subscriber’s Social Security number
  • Patient date of birth
  • ADA code (if using Benefit Details)
  • Fax number

If you’re submitting online, you’ll need:

  • Provider TIN and NPI
  • Patient ID or subscriber’s Social Security number
  • Patient date of birth
  • NOTE: some vendors may require more information to process your request.

What information can I get?

Information you can get includes:

  • Payer information – name and ID
  • Requesting provider name and number with associated information
  • Subscriber/patient information:

SSN or member ID
Group name/number and/or plan name/plan number
Insurer name, address
Date of birth
Facility name and address (claim office)
Plan begin date

  • Procedure code
  • Active coverage
  • Coverage level
  • Insurance type
  • Detailed financials, as applicable (copay, deductible, frequencies etc.)

Depending on the method you use to submit an inquiry, you may not receive all of this information.

What if I get an error response?

Your message will explain the cause of the error. Depending on the error, you may have to re-enter your data or contact your vendor for help. 

Aetna Voice Advantage may not be available for all plans/programs.