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Medicare resources for providers

Find information about Medicare compliance requirements, training,enrollment and more.

Important Participation Information

What you need to know

As a network dentist, you'll be able to see all Aetna Dental Medicare Advantage members and you'll be reimbursed according to the PPO fee schedule you have with us.* These members may reference having an HMO, DSNP, HMO-POS or PPO plan.

We’re here for you

If you have any questions, you can contact our dedicated Medicare Provider Services team. They offer personalized customer service and can help you with Medicare dental plan benefits. Just call 1-800-624-0756 (TTY: 711). 


  Aetna Medicare Advantage plans     include HMO, PPO and D-SNP

        A D-SNP (Dual Special Needs Plan) provides benefits to Medicare-qualified
        members who also receive Medicaid benefits and/or assistance with Medicare
        premiums or Parts A & B cost-sharing. Members must live in a county where
        Aetna Medicare offers a D-SNP.

Important: Annual Medicare Compliance Program Requirements

New and existing participating providers in our Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans are required to meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance program requirements for first-tier, downstream and related entities (FDR) as identified in the Medicare compliance FDR program.

Additional Compliance Information

Annual notification regarding requirements will be sent to
providers via Adobe Acrobat Sign email or postcard. Providers
continue to be notified via OfficeLink Newsletters during the
summer months. You can access the training and attestation at
the link(s) below. Our Compliance Department completes
random audits to ensure compliance on an annual basis.

Review Compliance Training(s)

Read our Office Manual and/or Newsletters to learn more on

FDR Medicare Compliance Guide
Office Manual
Office Link Newsletter



    Individual Medicare:

        2023 Individual Medicare Service Area "Coming Soon"


For non-participating Aetna Medicare PPO providers


We are expecting an increase in membership for our Medicare Advantage preferred provider organizations. You are likely to see more patients with these health plans.

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