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Apply for Participation

How to join Aetna's Dental Network

Get Started

To begin, complete the application for participation below.  Start by selecting your state, followed by the method you wish to apply; selection(s) varies by state. Submission of an application does not guarantee participation.

(a) CAQH application – upload a copy of your CAQH application
(b) Aetna application – fill out our standard application manually
(c) Complete State application – fill out your State specific application manually
(d) Upload State Application – upload a copy of State specific application in lieu of manually filling out

Get Contracted & Credentialed

Next, the contracting process will begin.  An Aetna Network Representative will contact you within 30 days after the completion of you submitting your application for participation.  From there, credentialing will begin.  Your Aetna Network Representative will contact you should anything additional be required throughout this process. 

Get Welcomed

Once credentialing is completed, your contract will be finalized.  You will receive an effective date and a welcome letter declaring your participation with Aetna Dental.  Then, you will be able to submit claims for processing in-network.