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Our Commitment to the Dental Community

Continued collaboration and transparency

Aetna remains very committed to fostering the open dialogue established with the dental community over the past years. We want to work together with dentists to put our members at the center of everything we do.

We have established a set of Guiding Principles demonstrating that we are serious about continuing to build strong relationships with the dental community, as this is central to helping our members get affordable care that will assist them in improving their overall health.

Our Guiding Principles apply to several areas, such as:

  • Auto-adjudication
  • Online communication that promotes proactive, two-way sharing of information
  • Enhanced EPP/EOB information
  • Continued collaboration and transparency

They focus on the following themes:

Building effective relationships

We will support, not intrude upon, the dentist-patient relationship and make it easier for dentists to do business with us.

Improving integrated care

We will work with dentists and members to provide medical and dental integrated information that helps facilitate cost-effective care. We also will continue to establish clear clinical, evidence-based policies that are transparent to dentists and members.

Simplifying interactions

Aetna will continue to simplify processes and access to information. We want dentists to understand our processes and procedures. We are committed to fair business processes and procedures that are as transparent as possible.

Inviting respectful dialogue

We will listen actively and have frank, respectful conversations with dentists and other health care professionals in all matters. We remain committed to seeking input, advice and alternative views of our policies.

The Guiding Principles are intended to guide our actions as a company. We want to move forward and continue working as the high-integrity business that dentists have come to know.