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New Dental Discount Program: Aetna ValuePassSM

This new dental discount program, Aetna ValuePassSM, may bring more patients to your participating Aetna Dental Access® network practice. With this program, you can get paid at the time of service. Participants simply present a pre-paid debit card and/or Aetna ValuePass certificate with the Aetna Dental Access network logo.

Quick tips: Aetna ValuePass program

  • Swipe the card like a debit/credit card, and get paid at the time of service.
  • For Aetna ValuePass certificates, simply key in the account numbers located on the certificate.
  • For all services provided, charge your negotiated rate, which is the same as your PPO rate.
  • There are no forms or claims to submit, and there is no need to check eligibility.
  • If the cost of the service is above the value amount stored on the card, you may charge the patient the balance through another method.
  • This program is not insurance and there are no limitations or exclusions.

Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions.

What you can do

We encourage you to:

  • Ask patients for their account balance before you provide care.
  • Let patients know that they should have a value on the card close to the discounted rate for the services that they are receiving.
  • Tell patients they cannot get the program discount if the card has no balance.
  • Use your discretion when patients do not have enough money on the card to pay for the service. For example, try to avoid allowing a patient with a card balance of $25 to buy $200 or more of services at the discounted rate.
  • Call the telephone number on the back of the card with questions, or if the card is declined.
  • Get a point-of-service credit card reader (if you don't have one already) to participate in this program.

What we can do to help you

We'll continually remind patients to:

  • Identify themselves as cardholders when they make the appointment and at office check-in.
  • Be aware that due to average negotiated rates, patients may pay a small dollar amount out of pocket at the point of service. Or, they may have a balance remaining on their card.

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